Hamstrings Muscles And Knee Anatomy

The hamstring muscles are an important group of muscles for walking and sports activities. These muscles are located in the back of buttocks and extend to the back of the thigh. The knee and hamstrings anatomy is intricately linked. When the knees bend or extend, these strong muscles come into action.

The knee and hamstrings anatomy includes three muscles that include the semitendinosus, semimembranosus and the biceps femoris. There are some experts who also consider the adductor magnus a part of the hamstrings by virtue of its location. All these three muscle originate in the pelvic bone and attach themselves to one of the knee bones. The entire group of posterio thigh muscles can be felt at the back of the thigh when the leg is tensed. The chief function of these muscle is to flex (bend) the knee and extend the hip.

All these three muscles act at the two joints- the hip and the knee and are vital for daily living activities. One needs the hamstrings to walk, run, jump and control movements of the trunk. The hamstrings are vital for any sports athlete because they provide power and torque. These are often the first muscles which athletes or weight lifters develop.

The hamstrings are also quite prone to injury. Often a track runner will suddenly complain of sudden pain in the back of the thigh and this is often due to a pulled hamstring- meaning that one of the muscles has suffered an excessive stretch or tear. Even a minor tear of a hamstring muscle can be debilitating; the injury is associated with pain and does limit sporting activities. When the injury is severe most athletes have to take considerable time off to allow for healing. Classically hamstring injuries occur when the powerful muscles of the front of the thigh are out of balance with the hamstrings.

Hamstring exercises that can help build powerful muscles include stuff legged dead lifts, squats, standing leg curls and body leg curls.Sometimes the hamstrings do feel sore after prolonged sitting or standing. In such cases, the Swiss ball hamstring exercises can help ease the tension. Just by sitting on the ball for 30 minutes twice a day can ease pain and relieve the aches. The other exercise to relieve hamstring soreness is to lie on the floor and extend the leg straight up while supporting it with the hands. The stretch should be held for 10-15 seconds and the exercise should be repeated several times over the day.

One of the commonest reasons why the hamstrings appear floppy and loose is lack of exercise. The best way to tone your hamstrings is to walk every day. There is absolutely no need to join a gym of lift weight. Walking as much as 30 minutes twice a day will not only keep your hamstring muscles toned but will reduce your weight and make you feel good.

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